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GutGard® awarded Australian patent

The GutGard® invention uses a novel flavonoid rich phytochemical composition for the holistic management of dyspepsia, ulcer, gut mucosal health and gut related disorders at a dose range of 150mg per day divided or in a single dose.

Glycyrrhiza glabra (Fabaceae) is commonly known as Licorice and has traditionally been used in natural remedies for treating gastric damage and also has been reported to possess antioxidant activity.

GutGard® is a novel Licorice product with the following advantages:

• Has high flavonoid content;

• Between 6 and 10 times lower dose required than a typical licorice extract of DGL;

• Superior antiulcer activity demonstrated over regular DGL in animal models;

• Less than 0.2% of glycyrrhizin;

• Very high antioxidant activity which is considered imperative for gastro-protection/ulceration healing;

• Non-bitter;

• In a published randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study in 2013, GutGard® was found to be 73.2 percent more effective than placebo at 150mg per day in managing H. pylori load;

• There is no significant effect to pH levels in the gut after administration of GutGard®, unlike proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s);

• Another published randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study in 2012, revealed significant decrease in total symptoms score of dyspepsia by 45% as compared to placebo;

• Compatible with probiotics In the process of removing glycyrrhizin, regular DGL extracts unintentionally ‘strip out’ key therapeutic actives. This is not the case with GutGard®, with these key actives carefully retained. This composition and process has been duly recognised with this Australian patent.It is GutGard® that has the inclusion of bioactive flavonoid constituents that demonstrate far greater efficacy. At a lower dose, GutGard® is proven to have a stronger antioxidant effect, increase inhibitory activity of elastase, greater anti-inflammatory activity and significant effectiveness against H. pylori.

As a part of the Dutch based multi-national IMCD, Network Nutrition has a solid foundation in innovation, technical expertise and customer focus. With expertise in the supply chain, we deliver transparency, traceability and control with substantial value in producing high quality ingredients. We are the botanical medicine ingredient partner with uncompromising protection of the integrity of plant extracts.

Network Nutrition – The Extract People®

To find out more about Network Nutrition, part of IMCD, please visit, or contact Gabrielle Webster the Marketing and Innovation Manager by calling +61 2 8814 4900, or emailing


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